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  1. I was just wondering the volume (Litres) for a 6’2″ afterburner with dimensions of 19-1/4 by 2- 3/8? also what kind a surf is it good for because I think it is a small wave board right? Thanks a mill for answering my questions. cheers

  2. is a 6’10 Afterburner width 20 by 2 & 3/4 a suitable beginner board? also, whats the volume of that board? thanks in advance for the reply.

    • Its not absolutely ideal but quite close. Normally a mini mal at 72 to 76 with a bit more width but it will be useable for sure. Volume is about 38 L

  3. i wan to buy this model (Afterburner) i’m 1.87m and 85kg, should i get a 6.4 20″ 2?


  4. Hey Greg I currently have a js blak box 6’4″ x 20/1/4″ x 2/3/4″. I am only a beginner and feel quite umfortable on it. I have had it for a couple of years and would like something similar. Maybe a little easier to paddle? Would u have anything in mind? Cheers mate!

  5. Maybe my other post didn’t go through. But I’m currently surfing your 6’9 afterburner 2 and i absolutely love it. I’m just curious what the volume of the board is so i can relate it to other board I’m looking into, such as a fish

  6. hey greg,
    how does the afterburner 2 compare to the original afterburner?

    • Hi patrick, yeah, over 15 years ago. Just evolved it as boards got shorter and wider. It was probably the first really popular model to be slightly shorter and wider than the average shortboard. maybe reply to if keen to chat further, greg

  7. Hi Greg,

    I’m looking on a used Afterburner (6’6 x 19 3/4 x 2 9/16) and I’m wondering what is the volume of this surfboard?

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