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The Diamond is a small to medium wave board for older guys who can still do some proper turns. It’s more about surface area than thickness and so it has the glide from the area but with the “on rail” grip of a finer rail. With the larger area in the tail and the further forward fin positions it can be turned from the same spot that you drive and trim from. The flexing fins add another level of flow and speed as they bend to the arc of the turns. Works well as a tri or quad or five fin combo.

Logo-DiamondCommon dimensions are 69 21 ¼ 2 5/16 for guys between 70kg and 80kg and 70 22 2 ⅝ for around 90kg but I can customise the dimensions based on what you are riding at the moment, as against writing up a list of set sizes. From $825 to $875 with standard fins. Flexing tri add $95, flexing quad add $125. Flexing five fin, add $155.


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  1. Hi Greg. This is what I have been looking for for a while a board you can glide and trim on but also rip on. I am a fit 100kgs and 6’1, 44 yrs old. Intermediate to advanced. What dims do you recommend and where can I place an order. Do you recommend the tri or quad?

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