Great paddle power, easy to ride, fun to turn.

This design is the ultimate longboarder’s shortboard and equally the best beginners transition board from a mini-mal, but with just enough curve in planshape and rocker to make it fit into waves, not just upon them.


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  1. i would like to order a couple of boards looking ay
    t the fatburner and the mistress

  2. Hi Greg like the Fatburner. Would like a new one with 4 fins with round fin holders.Realy. like the shap could u get back to me would like to buy one finding hard to get one

  3. Hi Greg, would the 6’6″ fatburner be ok for someone 90-95 kgs and 6’2″ wanting something a bit more fun. Or should I be looking at a longer version.

    • For sure mate, so long as you are reasonably capable, i.e. can do top turns and cutbacks. You don’t have to be expert just about average and it’ll be fun. Were you thinking of a custom?

  4. Greg,
    There’s a new epoxy 6’0″ Pulse at my local board shop. I’m keen on it but could you explain a little more about the double concave on this board. It’s very pronounced (more so than most shapes…) and extends quite a long way (almost the full length of the board) to just before the nose. The shop owner (and shaper) was unable to explain how this would transfer into the performance of the board…. I like my boards with lotsa drive and have focused my last few boards on single concaves looking for this.
    My surfing is old school, rail to rail, I’m just looking for drive and something I can lay on the rail….I’m 6’0″ & about 85 kg’s (I would mainly ride it as a thruster with KS 2.1’s)
    Pottsville beach

    • Hi Ged, well the double concave all the way thru gives more bite than lift so it has more grip than skip. This quality along with width and thickness (which the FB has) feels really nice. i.e. you are getting the glide and flow and lift from the volume as against a single concave, but with the grip from the double and ease of use from the vee between the double. The radius of the concaves is obviously tighter than the single concave of the same depth seeing that it’s half the width. That’s where the added bite comes from. Greg

  5. Hi. Was looking at your new fatburner with rounded pintail. Can you give me the specs of a 6’4, 6’5 and 6’6 and the volume for each please.

    • mate I can make any combination you like. tell me the volume you want and I can make it the volume you want in any of the 3 sizes.

      • Thanks mate. If I was looking at a volume of around the 36 Litre mark, what would be the specs for 6’4, 6’5 and 6’6? I’d also rather sacrifice a bit of thickness to keep the width.

      • Hi. And can you tell me the difference between the Sonic and the Fatburner with rounded pintail?

  6. Hi Greg, It’s Ged from Pottsville again…
    Thanks for your reply re the Pulse double concave,… It was very useful information.
    I’m about 95% sure I’m going to buy that 6’0 Pulse at my local surf shop…. it has all the attributes I’m looking for, my only apprehension is some of the feed back I’ve read regarding the durability of the “GSI” produced Pulse SLX Epoxy boards…??
    I was lead to believe that Epoxy boards were more durable & less likely to suffer depressions etc…Yet the feedback regarding longevity these boards is somewhat disturbing….”Can” you make comment on these imported versions & am I just better off buying direct from you??
    The shop price is $600,….. can you supply/compete with this pricing??

  7. Hi Ged, Yes some of the GSI epoxy SLX boards had some deck denting issues but at $600 it’s pretty good deal. and maybe it won’t have any issues. It’s your call mate. Just email me if you are keen to order direct with me. Regards greg gwwaves@gmail.com

  8. hi , i would like to know if a fat burner , it`s for all conditions waves. small , medium or big waves?
    i`m 165 lbs and 5`8 tall (1,78meters)
    thanks a lots!!!!

  9. I’m looking for a board for all condition waves , small and médium waves.quadfin!
    I’m between fb and pulse boards !
    Wich one of theses boards do you recomen and wich size
    I’m 73,75 kg and 1,78meters
    Is it posible to get the after burner board on quadfin???
    Thanks a lot!!!!

  10. G’day Greg, can you please tell me the volume of the 6’6” off the rack, FatBurner?

  11. Hi

    I am thinking of stepping down to my first shortboard.
    I currently ride a Bear mini malibu (6’10, 20 3/4, 2 3/4).
    I ll probably won’t go too short and was thinking of 6’6 or 6’4. Can you make me a 6’4 of 38 liters (my height is 178 cm and my weight 74/75 kg).
    How much would that cost me? Would you ship to france? What material would you recommend?

    Thks for your help

    • Hi Lionel, you are on the right mark with the 66 but shipping to France is about $400.

      There might be some stock of the Fatburner or the Mistress at Magic Seaweed in the UK they could send a stick board to you. Or possibly Pukas in Spain. Best top contact Dan Flynn who distributes my boards in Europe dan@surfboardagency.com regards Greg

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