Mini Fish

Mini Fish

Mini Fish

Super chunky, super loose.

The mini fish has the greatest thickness for it’s surface area of any surfboard on the market today. This ratio, gives amazing paddle power while retaining incredible maneuverability. The deep double concave accentuates the bite near the rail edge, which is needed to offset the tendency for high volume rails to skip out of the wave face. The vee in the centre makes the chunky-ness easier to control by keeping it more neutral and forgiving on the wave face. If we had used a single concave with this short and chunky design the lift would have been too great and it would have less wave range and would be harder to put on rail with any stablity. The deep double with vee works really well with high volume.


56 20 2 7/8
59 20 1/4 3
60 20 1/2 3 1/8
63 20 3/4 3 1/4

17 thoughts on “Mini Fish

  1. Hi what size would you recommend for a intermediate to advanced surfer who is 6.3 ft and 97 kg? would 6.3 be too big?


  2. Fin plugs busted on my 6 year old Minifish , where can I get a replacement ? I’m in Huntington Beach.

    • I just need to replace the fin, it sank to the bottom when the plugs split on a hard bottom turn.

      • Hi carl, which fin? i.e. when you are sitting on the board in the water, right or left? I have some here in Sydney.

        They are $150 a set and these new ones are way way better glass and foil than what was put in the board back then. If you want the set then aud$100 plus shipping of $25 would do. or $75 for one fin and $25 shipping. maybe email me to

  3. Hi, love the boards and was wondering what size you recommend for a mini fish if my height is 5’11’ and i am 200 pounds. decent surfer.

  4. hi i was wondering how much a 5’6″ 20″ and 2 7/8 would be I’m very interested

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