Great paddler with extra excitement.

After years of doing the fatburner and hearing good surfers wanting a similar but more refined version I decided to do it. This board has all the volume flow and glide of the original fatburner/pulse model but with a sexier planshape, and a more moderate rail volume. The nose is less blunt, and the tail pulls in far more to create a lot more planshape curve. This adds way more performance in the pocket and gives the rider the ability to choose his line as against having to flow along with the more stable curves of it’s predecessor. It also has a greater wave range than the fatburner since the tail area is lower, another bonus….

Slight single to deeper double concave in the tail.

Sample dimensions:

60 19 3/4 2 1/2
62 20 2 9/16
64 20 1/4 2 5/8
66 20 1/2 2 11/16
68 20 3/4 2 3/4
610 21 2 13/16
70 21 1/4 2 7/8

22 thoughts on “Mistress

  1. After a 6ft pulse but cant find 1 so looking at the mistress what is the difference overall?

    • Hi Greg, what is the difference between Pulse and the Mistress? Also are your boards sold online? Thankyou, Tony from Yamba

      • Hi Tony, the Pluse is the same as the fat burner, it’s just another name for the US market. The Mistress is a refined version on the Pulse and FB. More planshape curve nit less tail and nose area and less boxy rails. More spontaneous but still plenty of volume. mail me at gwwaves@gmail.com if you want to order a custom, or contact Dan Flynn at TSA who distribute my boards: dan@surfboardagency.com they might have some stock or can steer you to a shop. Regards greg

  2. I saw one of your boards down at Surfy Surfy. Very nice. I was wondering what you would charge for a custom board? I live and surf mostly south camp grounds Carlsbad, Grandview and Cardiff.
    Jack 760-579-9090

  3. Hi Greg,
    what does greater wave range mean? Does it hold in overhead surf? Or is it meant for mushier waves and not the good stuff?
    Best regards

  4. Hi Greg,
    I’m interested in buying a Mistress, but I’m not sure what size would be ideal for me.
    I’m a veeery moderate surfer, and unfortunatly I don’t get a lot of surfing practice, only about 3 to 4 weeks a year. My current board is funboard by Walden: CD4 (6’4) which has a lot volume and is very forgiving, but not so easy to duckdive when the surf gets bigger.
    So a little less volume and some extra performance is what I’m looking for.
    I’m 36 and weigh about 69 kg. If you could help me out..
    Best regards

    • Hi Bran,

      well to keep a bit of the ease of paddling and stability of the Waldon CD you’d have to keep the same length seeing that they CD is very full in terms of area. Then a 64 you will get way more manoeuvrability but it will still paddle well and definitely duck dive more easily. …where do you live though?

      • Hi Greg,

        Sadly I live in Belgium, so no good surf over here. During the summer I tend to go to France or Spain. It’s al beach break over there, but if you’re lucky you can get a few very good surfing days. So you’d recommend a 64? Probably a good idea to make the transition not to drastic… Or would you suggest a fatburner? Would that be an easier board to paddle? Although that little extra performance of the Mistress is very appealing….
        Best regards,

  5. Hi Bran, well at 69kg the 64 is still a reasonably high volume board and will still paddle well enough. Good luck with the waves over there!! Greg

  6. Hey greg im a intermediate surfer average fitness about 6,2 and 90 kg wondering what size mistress u would recommend suit me cheers

  7. Hello, doing some ding repair on a mistress that found it’s way up to Finland from Australia. Owner thought it was poly resin but I really think it’s epoxy. Any way to confirm?
    It’s a 5’10 number sw29-11637.

    Thank you!

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