This small wave pocket rocket is a total rip off of Matt Bilos’s Rocket fish thing, which I really like. No actually I designed it well before I even saw that model of his, but no wonder I like his design because it has a deckline like the sonic. This board has a bit more concave than usual at 3/8″ of depth and has a slightly flatter deck. As a result you get chunks of lift and speed from the deep concave but forgiveness from the stability that comes from the flatter deck. This model sits in between the CD and the Mini CD in terms of function. ie looser than the CD but more controllable and all-rounder-ish than the Mini CD.


5 thoughts on “Sonic

  1. Hi Greg, I purchased a Sonic 6’3 x 19 1/2 x 2 5/8. It really is an awesome board when up on a wave but it is a bit of a dog to paddle as I’m too heavy for it. I’m 88kg. I love the sonic and would love to get another one but I want to make sure i get the right one for my weight. What size Sonic should I get for my weight and how many litres is this?

    • up to you mate, but of course you will need to go a bit wider and thicker.

      Rocker also plays a role so merely looking at volume is not the best indicator.

      Like 63 20 2 ¾ and you could slightly lower your entry rocker.

      I can custom but if you just want to buy a stocky then check the site for the dimensions and volume for the next size up.

      Regards greg

  2. Hi Greg
    I had a 6’6″ sonic which I broke in I do this year . Firstly , what is the volume of the 6’4″ model ?
    Secondly could you make me a 6’6″ model and if so what would it cost ?

  3. Hi Greg, I just picked up a 6’2″ Sonic and can’t wait for some decent waves to put it through its paces. I’ve noticed the first Sonics were designed as thrusters but this board has the option to be set up as quads. As I’ve only ridden thrusters I’m wondering what the advantages of setting this board up as a quad would be and what fins you would recommend (I use AM2’s).
    Thnx, JK

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